We Support the Miami Dade Internship program for high School Seniors:


Over the past 5 years, Magellan International Mortgage has worked with Miami Dade Schools 
To provide Internship to High School seniors who are interested in becoming Business Majors.

The students have an internship with our company during their senior year and in some cases

continue their internship with us after they graduate.    The interns we have hired have made great

contributions to our Business and we have enjoyed seeing them develop from high school students

To college students.   From day one, they immerse themselves in our company dynamic and in the

Business of mortgage lending developing communication and problem solving skills. We are fortunate
to have this program available for the young students of Miami Dade County and look forward to
supporting this effort for many years to come.

 “Our interns learn the basics of mortgage financing; but the most important skill they acquire.

Is that of solving problems through dialogue, hard work, focus and communication.   
Them grow and learn is a fantastic experience. “ 

Maria Somarriba