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📑Documentation For Foreign Borrowers

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Original Income Letter from an Independent Accountant

  • Must be prepared by an accountant, must reflect your personal income • Indicate annual income for 2021, 2022 and so far in 2023.
  • Indicate how long you have worked for that company and whether you are an owner or employee:  If you own the percentage you have., or  If you are an employee, specify what position you have in the company.
  • The accountant must be independent, the letter must be made on the accountant's letterhead; It must be original with original signatures. Include a copy of the ACCOUNTANT's LICENSE.
  • The letter must contain the telephone number and email address of the person signing (See attached template)

Copy of your Passport and U.S. Visa.
We need a copy of the passport photo with the page containing your signature and expiration date.

Bank Reference Letter
Indicate at least 24 months of relationship and relationship status. • Include account number, date the account was opened and balance.
NOTE: It is good to present good liquidity.

Closing Funds Verification (if refinancing - not applicable)
Funds related to this purchase need to be verified, they can be verified in other countries; however, prior to closing, they must be deposited in a bank in the United States.

Title CORPORATE NAME (this can be obtained from your Attorney) If the loan is in the name of a corporation, a copy of the Articles of Organization, the operating agreement and a specific resolution authorizing the guarantee of the loan will be required.

Verify Address of Your Primary Residence
To verify your residential address, you will need an electricity, water, or telephone bill that shows your name and address.

3 bank statements for the last 3 months (account of where the investment comes from)
Automatic payment of this mortgage

You need to set up an AUTOMATIC PAYMENT DEBIT from a bank account in the United States from where the monthly mortgage payment will be debited each month. Provide a copy of the check from this account marked VOID/CANCELLED. (must be in your name)

These documents can be faxed to get approved. Original letters can be sent by special mail such as DHL, FEDEX, etc.
If you have any questions you can contact our offices at 305-361-2323, our fax 305-361-1717 e-mail:

Maria E. Somarriba

Templets  of Accountant's Letter, Bank Letter and Application to be filled out.