Magellan International Mortgage es una compañia hipotecaria de gran éxito con una historia de 23 años operando en Key Biscayne desde 1997. Con casi mil millones de dólares en transacciones cerradas, Magellan International ha manejado el financiamiento hipotecario de todo tipo de propiedades residenciales en Miami-Dade para clientes locales y extranjeros. Magellan se establece con el objetivo principal de ayudar al consumidor moderno a identificar el instrumento hipotecario que mejor se adapta a su perfil individual y manejar sus necesidades hipotecarias de principio a fin con un servicio incomparable de manera oportuna.

Las oportunidades de financiamiento disponibles para los compradores de viviendas son muchas y algunas veces complejas; Nuestro objetivo en Magellan es brindar a nuestros clientes la direccon y el servicio que necesitan para obtener el mejor financiamiento posible. Este es el objetivo que Maria Somarriba, la corredora principal, establece en cada transacción para asegurar siempre a un cliente de por vida. Disfrutamos de un negocio repetido del 45% ya que algunos de nuestros clientes vuelven a nosotros 3 o 4 veces para atender sus necesidades hipotecarias.

Magellan ofrece a sus clientes un servicio al cliente excepcional, personal y receptivo. Contamos con la experiencia de mucho tiempo de trabajo dedicada al tema hipotecario y contamos con una gran base de relaciones con instituciones bancarias solidas lo cual permite a la empresa obtener los mejores términos financieros para nuestros clientes con el uso efectivo de estrategias de colocación y la experiencia en entender cada caso que para nosotros es único. Todo esto nos han permitido experimentar un crecimiento constante y establecer sistemas que dan resultados sólidos.

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 We're Not Afraid Of An Early Commitment

You know how it is. Once you've made that perfect match, the right buyer, the right seller... the fun really begins. You never know what problems and delays could pop up: settlement delays, a rate change, or maybe even a broken loan commitment that starts you and your buyer on the mortgage approval route all over again.

You need to work with people who value your homebuyer as much as you do, ones packed with options and great relationships to position your borrower in the best strategic financial situation. We are committed to providing the highest quality mortgage solutions and customer experience by continuously offering superior product knowledge, expertise in negotiations resulting in optimal terms, and the most reliable and responsive personal service for borrowers, lenders, realtors and developers.

The name Magellan is synonymous with challenge, innovation, success, and a new world. This is why Maria Somarriba named her new mortgage company, Magellan International Mortgage Corporation, after the explorer who first circumnavigated the world. Somarriba first began her career in the real estate industry in 1983 as she managed developments for 8 years before selling residential and commercial real estate for a few years. Following this experience, she founded Premier Mortgage, Fortune International Realty's in-house mortgage company that she directed for 3 years. Through her years of developing experience, she has formed lending relationships with several major institutions and has grown familiar with their products, both local and national.

Our first loan had been closed in 1997 and have been helping homeowners achieve their dreams of financing their property ever since. Maria, being the owner and mortgage broker of the boutique company, has closed over 2,600 residential properties in the Miami-Dade area. With a 40% repeated business, support of magnificent lending teams, and solid trustworthy sources, Magellan International is ready to assist your mortgage needs at our principal office. We have employees fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, who can make appropriate placements for not only local buyers, but for foreign clients as well. We pride on integrity, knowledge, and professionalism and would be honored to have you join our close community.
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Maria Somarriba
NMLS # 299948 
Magellan International Mortgage Corporation
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